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True, a building with natural working methods
Good, a zone with ancient and modern arts and culure
Beautiful, a mountain garden with abundant habitat
Washing of time, turning of history;
it has always maintained subtle gesture of elegance

"Grass Mountain" is not just one mountain, but instead a general calling of a mountain area that includes Da-tun Mountain, Chi-Shin Mountain, and Sha-Mau Mountain. Grass Mountain Chateau was originally the guest house of Taiwan Sugar Corporation, and had hosted the Crown Prince-Michi-no-mia Hirohito (who later became Emperor Showa). In 1949 the R.O.C. government moved to Taiwan and Kai-Shek Chiang moved in. Located at a strategic highpoint in Grass Mountain, the Chateau is quiet and pleasant, with Keelung River crossing Dan Shui River in front it and with the beautiful scene of the Guandu Plain, She-Zi Island and Guan-Yin Mountain. In 1950, in order to commemorate philosopher Yang Ming Wang from Ming-Dynasty, "Grass Mountain" was changed to "Yang Ming Mountain"

Grass Mountain Chateau sits on a lot of 4275 square meter. The main Chateau is a typical Japanese style building in 1920, with an area of 584 square meters. In front of the door, the two Acacia tree and Sweet Gum tree that are almost one hundred years old quietly tell the time and years. The interior space of the main Chateau was designed and separated into main hallway, main hall, reception room, study room, bedroom, master bedroom, living room, guest room, kitchen, courtyard and terrace. Around the main Chateau, there are four subsidiary buildings which were originally the residence of the retinues of Kai-Shek Chiang. Later when the Department of Cultural Affairs of Taipei City Government renovated the Grass Mountain Chateau, it, in work with the art exhibitions and events of the main Chateau, changed the four small buildings to artists' studios, hoping the Grass Mountain Chateau to become an aesthetic zone that integrates habitats, humanities and arts, and has the capability to communicate closely with people.

【Grass Mountain Chateau Space Layout】

Mei Lu

Kai-Shek Chiang used to reside in Lushan Chateau, and hence the name "Mei Lu", in concert with this "Mei Lu".

Cuiying Hall

Madame Chiang, May-ling Soong's painting studio and bedroom in the past.

Daya Hall

Kai-Shek Chiang's study room and bedroom; the name came from the saying "refined (daya) spring can accommodate", meaning that whoever come over are all refined scholars.

Jeishou Hall

The living room and bedroom for Kai-Shek Chiang's friends and families, and in avoidance to call his name directly, thus the name "Kai-shou".

Yinghe Hall

The living room Mr. and Mrs. Chiang used for hosting guests; the name came from an old saying from "Chuang Tzu, Zeyang"


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